Maryland traffic safety outreach initiatives logoImproving traffic safety is a community effort. That’s why the Maryland Highway Safety Office (MHSO) works closely with local organizations and stakeholders. We developed the MHSO Partnerships, Resources, and Outreach (PRO) Section to address the growing needs of our community partners and educate them about the importance of traffic safety. Such traffic safety outreach efforts are vital to our success.

The PRO Section implements Maryland’s Toward Zero Deaths’ vision through a diverse network of partnerships. Together, we work to reduce fatalities and injuries from motor vehicle crashes. Our teams also raise awareness through innovative highway safety initiatives supporting the Maryland Strategic Highway Safety Plan.

Partner with the Maryland Highway Safety Office

The Maryland Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) guides all our efforts. It is data-driven, goal-oriented, and each update sharpens our focus. It also emphasizes collaboration, coordination, and communication to synergize efforts of:

  • Enforcement. Law enforcement officials not only enforce traffic laws. They also participate in community events to raise awareness of our safety initiatives.
  • Engineering. By identifying potential dangers, engineers reduce the overall frequency and severity of crashes. Engineers also advise on future improvements to minimize dangerous situations.
  • Education. Sharing knowledge and resources is vital to the overall success of our mission. This includes training sessions between partnered agencies, as well as targeted campaigns within the community.
  • Emergency Medical Services. Emergency medical professionals tend to the injured and also protect the most vulnerable groups. For example, car seat safety checks are available through most hospitals and fire departments.

These four E’s are the cornerstones of our safety programs, though we welcome all community involvement. Quite often, we’ve found that the groups we seek to protect are our best advocates. If you’re a driver, pedestrian, motorcyclist, or bicyclist, we welcome your involvement. We welcome all citizen support in our mission of zero deaths and injuries on our roadways.

If you would like MHSO’s support for your community/organization, outreach event or meeting, please complete the request form.