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Be the Driver


Maryland has a clear mission – to stop deaths and injuries on our roads. Many steps have been taken toward meeting this goal, but there are still challenges. Reaching our goal of zero deaths and injuries means working together with partners as well as the public. Below are some of the key areas of the Maryland Strategic Highway Safety Plan which help keep Marylanders safe while on the road.

Distracted Driving

distracted driving resources

More than 27,000 people in Maryland sustain injuries each year from distracted driving-related crashes. Park the phone before you drive and always focus on the road!

Impaired Driving

drunk driving is impaired driving

More than 800 people have been killed by drunk or drugged drivers over the past 5 years. All these deaths were preventable. Learn more about what you can do to help.

Aggressive Driving

aggressive driving resources

Speeding and other aggressive driving actions play a role in about one in three crashes and traffic related injuries and deaths in Maryland. Slow down and save a life.

Seat Belts and Car Seats

seat belt safety

An average of 80 people are injured every week in crashes because they’re not wearing seat belts. Buckling up is quick, it’s easy, and it’s the best way to prevent injury to you or a loved one. Find out more here.

Pedestrian Safety

pedestrian safety

More than 100 pedestrians are killed each year in Maryland. That’s about one in every four traffic deaths and Pedestrian safety initiatives for those on foot and behind the wheel have become more important than ever.

Motorcycle Safety

motorcycle safety resources

On average, more than 60 motorcyclists die in traffic crashes on Maryland roads each year. Another 1,700 riders and passengers sustain injuries. We need safety initiatives beyond basic rider training to improve their overall safety.