Available for community and organization events and school presentations, the Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles give the perception of impairment to users. While wearing the goggles (which are sanitized between use) can be used with the following activities: 


Participants play Cornhole while wearing Fatal Vision® goggles to simulate how impairment affects their vision, reaction time, and judgment - skills required for safe driving.

Field Sobriety Test Mat

First, without wearing the Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles the participant follows instructions for a simulated Field Sobriety Test. The test begins with a heel-to-toe walk-the-line assessment, and then the one-legged stand test on the mat. After completing the test without goggles, the participant wears the Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles to repeat the same series of tests. The simulated impairment demonstrates to participants how vision and balance can be affected.

Smash Match®

The timed game has the participant match up and place traffic-related shapes on the Smash Match® mat, first without, and then with the Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles. The activity demonstrates that once our senses are impaired, our ability to accomplish simple tasks is greatly diminished.

Perfection Game

The object is to put all the pieces into matching holes on the board before the time limit runs out while wearing Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles. When time runs out, the board springs up, causing many, if not all, of the pieces to fly out. The activity simulates how impairment affects reaction time.

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