Highway Safety Resources

The Maryland Highway Safety Office provides graphics, videos, social media plans, and other highway safety resources for download. Share these at local events, on social media, or at your workplace. We all need to work together to make our goal of zero traffic deaths and injuries a reality.

aggressive driving resources

Aggressive Driving Resources

Aggressive driving behaviors can make ordinary situations extremely dangerous. Our ADAPT campaign draws attention to the ways that aggressive drivers are public threats. Share our social media graphics, videos, and other resources to help minimize road rage and other aggressive driving.

park the phone campaign distracted driving resources

Distracted Driving Resources

Our Park the Phone campaign is one of our most popular, since distracted driving-related injuries are on the rise. Help spread the word about this safety campaign and the new Maryland cell phone laws with our logos and social media graphics.  We also offer distracted driving resources for workplaces. These include policy templates, employee agreements, emails, and press releases. for those looking to partner with the Maryland Highway Safety Office.

impaired and drunk driving resources

Impaired Driving Resources

We remind our communities, especially during the holidays, that there is no good reason to drive while impaired. Our impaired and drunk driving campaigns include an initiative called SPIDRE. This stands for state police impaired driving reduction effort several social media graphics are currently available for this campaign. We also offer a guide to reporting drunk drivers in Maryland.

motorcycle cruising down the road

Motorcycle Safety Resources

Motorcycle safety is the responsibility of riders and drivers alike. Drivers should slow down and look twice for motorcycles. Riders should wear All Gear All the Time, use good lane positioning for visibility, and follow all traffic laws. Spread the word using our motorcycle safety social media toolkit, which includes infographics and sample posting schedules for Facebook and Twitter.

Pedestrian Safety Resources

Pedestrian Safety Resources

Whether on foot or in your car, there are pedestrian safety guidelines that apply to you.  Here we offer resources geared toward both drivers and pedestrians reminding them to Look Up, Look Out, and Stay Alert. These include graphics for sharing on social networks, as well as cards describing traffic violations that endanger pedestrians.

seat belt safety resources

Maryland Seat Belt Laws

We remind Maryland drivers to buckle up with our Click It or Ticket campaign.  We have downloadable logos, infographics, and brochures for the community to share. Several videos are also available, including one which demonstrates what happens to an unbuckled crash-test dummy when a car rolls over. Finally, there are cards explaining the current Maryland seat belt and car seat laws.

toward zero deaths maryland brochures

General Resources & Brochures

We offer printable brochures describing Maryland’s traffic safety initiatives. Please help spread the word on all our traffic safety programs!