Road Rage and Aggressive Driving Resources and Social Media

Road rage crashes tend to get a lot of news coverage, but not all aggressive drivers are angry. Some are simply impatient. Others just enjoy the feeling of driving fast or passing others on the road as if they’re in a race. Speeding, quick lane changes, tailgating, and similar aggressive behaviors cause numerous injuries and deaths each year. ADAPT is an acronym that stands for aggressive drivers are public threats. These ADAPT campaign materials below are perfect for raising awareness on social media and in your community.

logo for ADAPT campaign to stop aggressive driving


This small, black-and-white ADAPT logo is perfect for printed announcements or letters. It’s also ideal for sharing on social media for aggressive driving awareness messages and events.

Graphics for Social Media

This zip file contains ADAPT graphics with dimensions ideal for both Facebook and Twitter. Messaging is focused on speeding.

aggressive driving campaign videos

ADAPT Videos

These videos describe some common aggressive driving behaviors like running red lights and tailgating.  There are 33-second and 50-second versions of the videos, as well as a video with subtitles.

Aggressive Driving Toolkit

This zip file contains the ADAPT logo, graphics, and all three videos. It also includes a sample social media plan incorporating these resources into an aggressive driving awareness campaign.