walk smart pedestrian safety campaign

Walk Smart!

Toward Zero Deaths Maryland encourages you to walk smart! These pedestrian safety guidelines will help keep you safe as a travel through the community on foot.

cross the street at crosswalks

Always cross the street at corners, marked crosswalks, and intersections.

That’s where drivers expect to see you. Traffic signals and signs will ensure you have the right of way and can cross safety. Do not jaywalk.

look before crossing the street

Watch for turning vehicles.

Look left, right, and left again before you cross. Always make eye contact with drivers. If you’re unsure whether they see you, wait.

crosswalk safety button

Use pedestrian pushbuttons.

Make use of the pedestrian buttons so the lights will change in your favor. The law requires motorists to stop so that you may cross safely.

pedestrian crossing signal

Wait for the walk signal.

Then, make sure the path is clear and safe for you to cross. Don’t anticipate the walk signal or cross without it.

wear reflective clothing at night

Stay visible after dark.

Wear light-colored clothing or something reflective so that motorists will see you. Never wear dark colors when walking at night.

pedestrian safety

Watch out for trucks and buses.

These and other vehicles may catch you by surprise as they back out of parking spaces and driveways. Always keep your eyes up and stay alert.