drive smart and keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe

Drive Smart!

As a driver, you are unlikely to get hurt in a crash with a bicyclist or a pedestrian. It can be devastating for them, however. Even a low-speed collision can result in serious injury or death to someone on foot or on a bike. Drive smart with these tips from Toward Zero Deaths Maryland. When you share the road, you make our streets safer for everyone.

always stop for pedestrians

Stop for pedestrians.

Always stop at crosswalks and be careful when passing stopped vehicles. They may be yielding to a pedestrian or bicyclist.

obey speed limits

Slow down.

Obey all posted speed limits. Lower speeds often indicate that there are a lot of workers, children, or other pedestrians in the area.

yield to pedestrians and bikes

Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists when turning.

Give them right-of-way and enough space to safely cross. Remember that they are vulnerable to injury, while you are in your car with thousands of pounds of metal to protect you.

watch for bikes when you open your door

Look before opening your door.

Bike lanes are often situated right next to street parking. Bicyclists usually ride toward the edge of the road, too, to allow passing vehicles.

drivers should give bicyclists space for safety

Allow 3 feet when passing bicyclists.

If they notice you pass too closely and react suddenly, it could set off a chain reaction that leads to a serious crash. Give them plenty of space.