bike smart with toward zero deaths maryland

Bike Smart!

Bicyclists remain one of the most vulnerable groups on the Maryland roadways. Bike smart and follow these bicycle safety guidelines to help us move toward zero deaths this year.

bicyclists should obey all traffic signals

Obey all regulatory signs and traffic lights.

Always ride on the bike path, if possible, and follow the rules of the road.

never ride against traffic on your bike

Never ride against traffic.

You’re safest on a bike if you obey traffic like a car. Avoid potential crashes by riding with traffic, within your lane.

use hand signals while biking

Use hand signals.

Just like a motorist, you should always signal to others around you what you intend to do. Indicate all turns and lane changes.

ride in a straight line while biking

Ride in a straight line.

Never weave between cars in traffic, even if there is space. Stay at least a car door’s width away from parked cars, too.

bike smart and wear a helmet

Always wear a helmet.

Helmets dramatically reduce the risk of head injury in a bicycle crash. Don’t leave home without yours, even if it’s just a one-minute ride down to the grocery store.

bike safety lights at night

Use lights at night.

Turn them on whenever it’s dark or when visibility is poor. You should also wear reflective clothing to maximize the chance that other motorists will see you.