Distracted Driving Resources and Social Media

Distracted driving has quickly become one of the leading causes of injuries and crashes on the roads in Maryland. Because of this, state law requires that you park the phone before you drive your car. It is now illegal to use a handheld phone for calling or texting while driving. Make your community safer by sharing these resources and encouraging those around you to do the same.

Distracted Driving Toolkit

This zip file contains a comprehensive collection of resources for running awareness campaigns in local communities, as well as social media.

park the phone distracted driving brochure

Park the Phone Brochure

Cell phones are one of the primary causes of distraction while driving. This PDF summarizes the Maryland cell phone and texting laws, and also includes the fines and penalties for drivers who break them.

phone in one hand ticket in the other logo

Phone in One Hand Logo

“Phone in One Hand, Ticket in the Other” is another logo available to raise awareness about the new Maryland cell phone laws. Download this graphic to share on social media or to use for local awareness campaigns.

distracted driving social media campaign resources

Social Media Resources

This zip file contains a variety of graphics for our Park the Phone and #itsjusteasier campaigns. It contains files ideal for both Facebook and Twitter, plus a sample social media schedule.

Sample Press Release

Use this template to announce your organization’s partnership with state officials to promote the Park the Phone campaign. Be sure to follow all instructions and get appropriate permissions before releasing it.

Talking Points for Training Sessions

Take workplace awareness to the next level with these recommended talking points for a safety training session. It’s updated for 2018 with statistics and information about the current fines and penalties for infractions.