GLEN BURNIE, MD (October 19, 2023) – Ahead of National Move Over Day on Saturday, October 21, Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s Highway Safety Office has released a new video reminding motorists to follow the state’s Move Over Law. The law, which was expanded in 2022, requires motorists to move over when approaching ANY stopped, standing or parked vehicle displaying warning signals – including hazard warning lights, road flares or other caution signals including traffic cones, caution signs, or non-vehicular warning signs. If it is not safe or feasible to move over, motorists must slow to a reasonable and prudent speed that is safe for existing weather, road, and vehicular or pedestrian traffic conditions.

The expanded law is in place to protect law enforcement, emergency responders, and any motorist who may encounter a roadside emergency and must stop near travel lanes.

“This law is in place to protect some of our most vulnerable road users – including those in permanent and temporary work zones like those helping stranded motorists,” said Motor Vehicle Administrator Chrissy Nizer, who also serves as Governor Wes Moore’s Highway Safety Representative. “We hope this new video will provide a visual reminder to motorists about the importance of following the move over law.”

According to Maryland State Police, troopers have issued 537 citations and 3,156 warnings this year for violations of the Move Over law. A violation is a misdemeanor carrying a $110 fine and one point on the driver’s license. If the violation results in a crash, the fine is $150 and three points. If there is a death or serious injury, the fine is $750 and three points.

Motorists are reminded of the need to use caution and common sense if a roadside emergency does occur – because every incident is unique. To be ready for the unexpected, motorists and passengers are encouraged to:

  • Prepare their vehicle in advance to avoid and minimize emergencies,
  • Assess the situation when a roadside emergency occurs,
  • Use good judgment in deciding how to respond, and
  • Stay vigilant for other motorists, because roadside emergencies are fluid situations that can change in an instant.

Learn more about the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s Highway Safety Office at or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @ZeroDeathsMD.