Getting a Handle on Motorcycle Safety

It’s no secret that motorcycle riding can be dangerous, but you can take steps to prepare yourself and your bike for an amazing ride. Before you hit the road, complete the Basic Rider Training class at one of the many motorcycle safety training centers across Maryland. These include a motorcycle skills test to be sure you're ready for the road. Next, get your motorcycle license. In Maryland, you must have a license to operate a motorcycle. Are you an experienced rider without a Maryland motorcycle license? You may be able to participate in the Fast Track Licensing Program and prepare by studying the Maryland Motorcycle Operators Manual.

Glow Before You Go

Proper gear is crucial to your visibility and your safety. Choose gear that is bright and has retroreflective strips or decals, especially if you’re riding at night. Always wear properly-fitting protective clothing and a helmet.

Know Before You Go

Keep yourself and others safe by knowing that your bike is ready. Inspect your bike before every ride and pay special attention to your tires.

Say No Before You Go

Motorcycle riding doesn't mix with drugs and alcohol. Impaired driving will slow your reaction time and affect your balance, coordination, and vision. Almost half of all riders killed had been drinking. If police catch you riding under the influence, they may also impound your bike.

Ride to be So…

  • Visible: Turn your headlight on. Consider a modulating headlight or LED accent lighting. Use smart lane positioning so drivers can see you.
  • Reactive: Give yourself space to react. Change lanes gradually. Always expect the unexpected.
  • Courteous: Signal your intentions and avoid weaving through traffic. Flash your brake light when slowing or stopping. Respect everyone on the road.

And Ride Toward Zero

In Maryland, our goal is always zero deaths on our roadways. Follow the rules, stay safe and help us achieve that goal. Whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned pro, it’s important to be prepared and be vigilant.