To develop effective solutions that address local and statewide traffic safety issues, law enforcement agencies must have personnel on staff that are highly skilled and motivated in traffic safety.  Established in 2008, the TSS program provides a framework by which law enforcement officers can receive credit and recognition for their skills and contributions to traffic safety. The TSS Program is a collaborative effort of the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration’s (MDOT MVA) Highway Safety Office (MHSO), the Maryland Association of Chiefs of Police (MCPA), and the Maryland Sheriffs Association (MSA).   The program is administered by MHSO and is overseen by an Executive Committee composed of representatives from each of the partner organizations.

The key feature of the program, the TSS Designation, is a statewide, uniform, and consistent recognition of police officers who have attained notable levels of experience, education, training, and proficiency in highway safety and traffic enforcement methods and procedures.  The TSS Designation is awarded by MHSO, and the program is open to all certified police officers, deputy sheriffs, and state troopers from Maryland law enforcement agencies, and Federal law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction in Maryland.

There are three designations within the TSS Program: TSS I, TSS II, and TSS III. Each successive designation requires increasing levels of experience, training, job performance, and skills proficiency as a traffic enforcement officer.   To be eligible for a TSS Designation, officers must enroll in the program electronically and submit all required documentation for the specific designation they are seeking.  TSS III requires a traffic safety project which must be reviewed and approved by the TSS Executive Committee.

The program currently has nearly 900 officers representing 65 law enforcement agencies in Maryland including Federal agencies operating in the State.  Each year officers achieving a TSS designation are recognized at an Awards Luncheon and receive a TSS award, certificate, and a uniform ribbon indicating their designation level.

Traffic Safety Specialist Program Information

Below is additional information on the TSS program including how to apply, an explanation of the different TSS Designation levels, and contact information.

TSS Manual

The TSS Program Manual contains a detailed and comprehensive overview of the TSS Program and its requirements.

TSS Program Information

Resources available for TSS officers.

TSS Designations

Learn more about the three Designations of Traffic Safety Specialists.

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