aggressive driving quizMost people don’t like to think of themselves as aggressive drivers. Instead, they view their behaviors as assertive or confident. For example, making extra lane changes in heavy traffic might make them feel like they’re demonstrating their superior driving skills. In truth, they’re putting themselves and everyone else at risk.

Are you guilty of such aggressive driving behaviors or are you a defensive driver? Try out our aggressive driving quiz and find out how you score. Answer each of these yes and no questions and keep track of your responses.

Speeding and Safe Following Distances

Do you…

  • Drive at or below the posted speed limits?
  • Slow down in construction zones, school zones, and other marked areas?
  • Adjust your speeds appropriately when there is bad weather or poor visibility?
  • Reduce your speed and keep your distance when passing crashes?
  • Maintain an appropriate following distance when behind other vehicles, including motorcyclists and bicyclists?

Passing other Vehicles

Do you…

  • Always pass other vehicles on the left side rather than the right?
  • Yield and move to the right lane when other traffic is moving faster than you are?
  • Move to the right lane to allow ambulances and other emergency vehicles to pass?
  • Minimize the number of lane changes you make, only doing it when necessary?
  • Give the vehicle you just passed a comfortable following distance?

Keeping Traffic Flowing

Do you…

  • Avoid blocking the passing lane?
  • Avoid blocking right-hand turning lanes, if possible?
  • Stay out of the HOV lane unless you’re entitled to drive in it (i.e. don’t use it for passing)?
  • Stay close to the right side of the road when driving on narrow streets?
  • Refrain from blocking intersections and side roads?

Stopping and Signaling

Do you…

  • Come to a complete stop at all stop signs?
  • Avoid accelerating through yellow lights?
  • Stop at all red lights, even if you’re planning to turn?
  • Heed the rules at four-way stops, especially if others arrived at the intersection first?
  • Always use your turn signal to indicate your intentions?

Pedestrian Safety

Do you…

  • Yield appropriately to pedestrians?
  • Slow at crosswalks and intersections so pedestrians will feel safe and understand that you intend to stop?
  • Make eye contact with pedestrians so they know you see them?
  • Avoid honking at pedestrians to indicate they should hurry?
  • Watch for pedestrians when driving through parking lots?

Being Courteous and Sharing the Road

Do you…

  • Refrain from using your horn unless it’s an emergency?
  • Avoid using your high beams to signal other drivers that you want to pass?
  • Never challenge other drivers or make gestures at them?
  • Ignore other drivers if they challenge you or make rude gestures?
  • Keep your distance from aggressive drivers?

Your Aggressive Driving Quiz Score

How many times did you answer No to these questions?

Number of “No” Responses Your Driving Score
0 Perfect!

You are the very model of a defensive driver, a standard that everyone on the road should aspire to. Keep up the great work.

1-3 Excellent

You’re a defensive driver, which helps keep our roads safer. Next time you get on the road, try to say yes to those situations where you answered no.

4-7 Okay

You display mostly defensive driving behaviors, but you should strive to improve. Take a hard look at the behaviors above that you said no to. Are they all in a particular category? Determine behavior to work on and improve the overall safety of our roads.

8-10 Poor

You are likely to cause a crash with your aggressive driving. Review our post on how to be a defensive driver. Be courteous and share the road.The life you save may be your own.

11+ Unacceptable

You are an aggressive driver. Aggressive driving contributes to about one-third of crashes on Maryland roads and you are part of the problem. Maryland police have stepped up aggressive driving enforcement this month. Review our posts on what aggressive driving is and be aware that you may be ticketed for your dangerous behaviors.