Seat Belt Safety Resources and Social Media

Thanks to Maryland seat belt laws and campaigns like Click It or Ticket, over 90% of residents buckle up every time they get in the car. For the Maryland Highway Safety Office and Toward Zero Deaths Maryland, that’s still not enough. Please share these resources locally and on social media so that everyone buckles up every time they get in the car. Seat belts and car seats save lives.

seat belts look good on you safety brochure

Buckle Up Brochure

This brochure encourages safety belt use in every seat for everyone riding in your car. It also features contact information for the Maryland Highway Safety Office and Toward Zero Deaths Maryland.

buckle up every seat every time seat belt campaign

Click It Or Ticket Toolkit

Our 2018 Click It or Ticket toolkit includes images ideal for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  We also include a sample social media plan for promoting seat belt safety.

maryland seat belt infographic

Seat Belt Infographic

This excellent infographic presents recent statistics on buckling up in Maryland. Whether you’re raising awareness at your workplace or a local event, it’s bound to make a bold impression.

click it or ticket logo

Click It or Ticket Logos

Download the Click It or Ticket logos to share on social media or as part of your local campaign. This zip file includes four versions of the color logo in different file formats, plus a black and white version.

click it or ticket rollover video

Click It or Ticket Rollover Demonstration

In this 3-minute video, law enforcement officials discuss the importance of safety belts. As part of this, they demonstrate what happens to a crash-test dummy when a vehicle rolls over during a crash.

click it or ticket video tv spot

Click It or Ticket TV Spot

This 30-second TV spot is a horror movie spoof that encourages people to buckle up, even when they’re sitting in the back seat.

arrive alive seat belt campaign video

Arrive Alive Video

This 12-minute video encourages police officers to follow the same laws they enforce. It includes the story of an officer who lost his life because he was not wearing a safety belt in the line of duty. The video also describes how distracted driving has become an issue for the police due to the technology they ride with.

child passenger safety law card english

Maryland Seat Belt and Car Seat Safety Laws – English

This brochure summarizes the Maryland seat belt laws. This also includes the Maryland Child Passenger Safety Laws, describing the ages for car seats and booster seats.

child passenger safety law card spanish

Maryland Seat Belt and Car Seat Safety Laws – Español

This brochure presents the Maryland seat belt and child car seat laws in Spanish. Pages are entitled Ley de la seguridad del niño pasajero and Ley de cinturón de seguridad.